Glossary: Data as a Service

  • Secondary Data Analysis

    Secondary data analysis facilitates a holistic approach to prospect engagement & amplify brand voice.Get highly relevant data for analysis with Nexis DaaS.

  • Content Aggregator

    Enhance your marketing efforts as part of content marketing strategy. Content aggregator curates content from online sources for reuse/resale. Know more here...

  • Data Analysis Methods

    Implement right data-analysis methods for your organisation. Gain relevant business insights and know more about benefiting your business here.

  • Data Analytics

    Improve productivity and enhance business gain with data analytics comprising tools, technologies, techniques and processes to enhance marketing efforts. Know more here...

  • Data as a service

    Readily access business-critical data through a cloud-based platform in a cost-effective manner. Know more here...

  • Data Mining

    Harness the benefits of data mining services to analyse large amount of raw data, detect meaningful relationships & trends. Learn more here

  • Data Science

    Systematic study of data to allow companies to answer business-critical questions, solve problems and make well-informed data-driven decisions

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

    Machine learning studies the algorithms and mathematical models that computer systems use to improve, step by step, their performance of a particular task. Learn more here...

  • Predictive Analytics

    Gather valuable insights with predictive analysis. Reduce risk, optimise operations, detect frauds & enhance marketing campaigns using data analysis tool.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Terms

    Find here a list definitions and explanations for important terms used by data scientists. View here.

  • Big Data Vs Smart Data

    Most organizations recognize the promise of data as a transformational decision-making tool, but far fewer are realizing the benefits of big data analytics. What’s holding them back? Know here...

  • Adverse Media Monitoring

    Adverse Media Monitoring is able to recognize potential risks such as financial fraud, money laundering, bribery, which not only prevent companies from preventing regulatory consequences, but can also seriously damage its reputation. Learn more here..

  • LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™

    LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ provides the exact information you’re looking for. We guarantee ease of use with this Technology. All of our raw data is hidden under metadata or classification technology. Find out how you can benefit from this.

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