Daily summary of relevant events

The press review is part of media monitoring every day, it captures the most important information for a particular recipient group. Extracts from relevant media provide a rapid overview with little effort on the part of the reader. To provide broad coverage of particular issues, a press review collates information from many different sources.

In companies, public authorities and other organizations, press reviews can also be produced weekly or monthly if daily updates are not required.

Reasons for using a Press Clipping Tool

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The very latest information on relevant issues
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Analysis of how your organization is portrayed in the media
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Monitoring of the competition
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Monitoring of Market Developments

As part of a well-used press review, it is not just the image that mediates media on a particular topic or company that is examined. The consequence should also be that companies and organizations try to positively influence this image if necessary. For example through PR campaigns.

Sources for the press review

A comprehensive press review should cover all relevant sources of information – both print publications and digital sources. A suitable press clipping tool reproduces both types of publication on a platform in order to make information procurement as simple as possible.

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Daily and weekly newspapers
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Trade Journals
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Blogs & forums
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Social Media
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Online Magazine

A professional Press Review Tool

There are a number of free clipping services on the market. However, they cannot get behind paywalls. As soon as the barrier is reached, the flow of information is halted. Moreover, these services are often limited to online sources. Important print media are not covered.

A professional tool such as LexisNexis Newsdesk® helps organizations structure their press clipping and circumvent barriers. It is not restricted to freely available online sources. The tool also accesses licensed content that is usually located behind paywalls. Print media are available in digitalized form and, just as with online sources, their entire content can be searched.

Organizations that already have their own clipping tool can readily supplement this with data from LexisNexis. With Nexis® Data as a Service you can integrate raw data into your own systems.

Upon request, users also have access to 3,600 additional sources from 700 publishers of newspapers and magazines to which LexisNexis subscribes through a partnership with PMG Press Monitor.

LexisNexis has individual licence agreements with the publishing houses. Users can therefore be confident that they are not infringing copyright when sharing information. The press clipping service enables automated email alerts to be sent to defined recipient groups; it also permits manual sharing of relevant information. Access to all sources via a platform dispenses with the need for costly licences for many different single sources.

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