See Nexis Data Lab in Action

11 May 2022 04:00


In a recent live webinar event, LexisNexis team members Margaret Hart and Hatim El Faiz teamed up to share what makes Nexis Data Lab such a powerful data research and analytics tool for academic researchers. First, Hatim explained how Data Lab streamlines and accelerates dataset creation via its access to LexisNexis news content, intuitive search functionality and pre- and post-search filters.

From there, Margaret gave attendees a demonstration of Data Lab, illustrating Hatim’s earlier points and showing how efficient Data Lab makes it to build your dataset and move it over to a Jupyter Notebook for visualized analytics – without ever leaving the Data Lab platform.

Laptop with Data Stream

The Nexis Data Lab webinar is coming soon! Check it out to see how Data Lab frees researchers to worry less about data wrangling and focus more on meaningful analytics.

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