Press Release Distribution, Redefined


Nexis Newswire combines traditional press release distribution services with the power of Google Ads, using paid advertising to drive traffic in a way few others can. The result is a PR wire that removes the barriers between you and the audience you want to reach.

Features that Improve Your Press Release Distribution Efforts

Nexis Newswire helps PR professionals and communications teams drive more of the right traffic to their news and announcements. Distribute your news to high-traffic sites. Promote them with Google Ads and know how well your press releases are performing.


Amplify your press release reach

Distribute your press release to up to five premium sites and select up to 5 of the 11 million sites in the Google Ads network to run a paid Google Ad promoting your release—at no additional cost. It’s an industry-exclusive way to maximize your ROI.


Hyper-target to the right audience

The traditional “shot gun” approach lacks targeting capabilities. With Nexis Newswire, you can target any country, state, city, and zip or postal code worldwide. You can also target audiences based on various demographics and automatically publish your press release in up to 9 different languages.


Ad-driven analytics and click reports

Google-powered analytics and reporting show you the number of clicks and the exact number of people who saw your press release. Reporting is available after 24 hours, with a final report after seven days. Social pick-up of your release is also reported.

Start Nexis Newswire at $600 for a single press release

Pricing is all-inclusive and we offer custom pricing packages to fit your press release distribution needs. Let’s talk!


A Full Suite of Media Intelligence Solutions

Nexis Newsdesk™

Leverage powerful media monitoring and analytics – across a single, global collection of print, broadcast, and digital media – to quickly uncover critical insights about your brand, competitors, and market.

Nexis Newsdesk™

Nexis Media Contacts Solution

Identify influencers and amplify your message with the right audience using our media database and communications service.

Nexis Media Contacts Solution

Nexis® Media Intelligence Research and Analytics

Work with our team of experts to create your custom media analysis and newsletter curation. We function as an extension of your team, working hand-in-hand with you to deliver actionable insights.

Nexis® Media Intelligence Research and Analytics

Nexis Social Analytics

A social data intelligence platform empowering brands and agencies to make business decisions based on social insights.

Nexis Social Analytics

Nexis Newswire

Drive more of the right traffic to your news releases using ad-based distribution powered by Google Ads and unparalleled targeting capabilities.

Nexis Newswire

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