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High-quality research results enable you to take the right decisions for your business.

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With just one tool for extracting business information from 36,000 international data sources, some of which cannot be accessed via freely available websites.

How Nexis® can help your market research

Nexis® is an online research tool that provides access to business information and market data from more than 36,000 international data sources. Use it for press analysis, due diligence, industry analysis and market research – it forms the ideal basis for decision-making.

Nexis® delivers the business information you need – irrespective of whether you are looking for detailed information on companies in the renewable energy sector, preparing M&A, researching business opportunities in China or wanting to analyze trends and developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

The market data provided by Nexis® includes:

  • News
  • Details of individual and companies
  • Sector and country information
  • Information on competitors and market players

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What is Market research?

    Accurate market research is the essential foundation for successful implementation of business strategies. When conducting market research it is essential to obtain sufficient information about the current market situation, the target market, competitors, market players, customers and innovations.

    Market research involves not just collecting information but also processing and analyzing this data as a basis for making business and marketing decisions and formulating business strategies.

    The Nexis® market research tool provides access to both freely available and licensed content. For thorough market research and market analysis you need international publications from high-quality press sources, trade information and economic data and details of companies, countries and sectors.

Benefits of  Nexis®

  • Market research from reliable sources
    With just one click the market analysis tool gives you access to more than 26,000 international news sources, including 300 German-language  sources and agency reports. The business information that you need is drawn not just from licensed press sources but also from the web: Nexis® aggregates several thousand reliable and industry-relevant web sources. Nexis® also provides access to country profiles, market forecasts, industry publications and more than 300 databases of company information..
  • View business information online 24/7
    Nexis® is fully web-based and so can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You can even use your mobile device – search on iTunes for the Nexis® News Search App for iPhone® and iPad®.
    And you can choose to receive automatic email alerts on selected topics or from particular sources.
  • Time-saving combined with high levels of accuracy
    Special search functions for professional research such as the use of Boolean operators and pre-configured keywords based on LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™ make for fast and accurate searches. The results are sorted by relevance, thus improving the quality of the hits you receive.
  • Graphical analysis and translation
    Use Nexis® Analyser to evaluate the results of your research diagrammatically – for example, over time or in terms of topics, companies, names, or sources. Different languages are not a problem either. With Google Translate™ the results can be translated into any one of 57 languages.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Personal customer service
    Just contact our free helpdesk with your queries or for help with research. We also run individual training sessions for our customers – at your premises or ours or live online. Your satisfaction is our concern.

API: Embedding raw data with XML

LexisNexis Web Services Kit is an XML-based solution that enables you to integrate raw data from LexisNexis into your software landscape (CRM, ERP, knowledge management, etc.) – on a flexible and individualized basis. Linking with your own content in this way puts an even greater range of information at your fingertips. You save time and have rapid and straightforward access to high-quality press information, business data and balance sheet details.

Find out more about LexisNexis® Research Data as a Service.

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