Media monitoring with Newsdesk

During the European Football Championship 2021, LexisNexis monitors the media attention surrounding this major event using our media monitoring and analysis tool Newsdesk.

Below you will find a number of interactive charts with real-time information. This concerns reporting of the past 60 days (unless stated otherwise). The analyzes include reports from various national and international media, both in print and online.

Which sponsors are receiving the most coverage?

With millions of viewers, the Euros is a prime advertising spot for the large global brands, check out who's being mentioned in the media below.

Most mentioned persons in the last 30 days

Check out the charts below which uses Newsdesk to analyse the most spoken about people relating to Euro championship in the last 30 days.

Who is saying what about the Euros?

Check out the charts below which uses Newsdesk to analyse the coverage of the Euros over time.

Media coverage sponsors in the last 30 days

Which sponsor scores best in terms of media coverage?

Persons mentioned in the last 24 hours

After 2 super exciting matches yesterday, check out the word cloud to see the most mentioned persons.

Curious about the possibilities for your organization?

The charts on this page are just a few examples of how to collect and visualize media messages. Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization? Request a demo of our media monitoring & analysis solution Nexis Newsdesk.

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